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altThe Time industry has fallen, the Hands of Time have been overthrown, Walter and Micaiah have been captured, and Rifun and Cassius rule.

Dark times have come to the universe and a shadow of fear and uncertainty blankets the survivors, Tommen and Micah included.  They know it's only a matter of time before Rifun and Cassius begin to mop up, and they're prime targets, especially when the hounds of war are sent out to track down those who escaped the coup.

With the chain of command decimated and more questions than answers, the survivors can only rely on themselves and each other, and not always reliably.  Their only hope to take back the Wheel of Time may come from an unlikely band of mystics, enemies of both Time and the Cult, but wielding unbelievable power, not only in Time, but Matter and Energy as well.

It's a game of blind man's bluff as the survivors work to become the victors, as long as they don't kill each other first.

FAQ (Contains Spoilers)

Q: What sorts of plans and things were going on while everyone tried to regroup and take back the Wheel?
A: Good ones, bad ones, all sorts of plans.  The reason a lot of it was ignored was because politics are boring, to go into them would be boring, and it would involve a lot of characters who haven't been introduced or expanded on, which would only add more pages and filler and, basically, go nowhere.

A: Yes.  Yes, he is.  In order to bridge the gap between Tick Tock and Stopwatch, a short story is available to read free online, explaining the sudden love triangle with Micaiah, Kayla, and Lily.  As for the backstory, that will become clearer in future books/short stories, as well as future series.

Q: Will we learn more about the Trackers in the future?
A: Yes.  In fact, they are rather prominent in Book Six.

Q: I like Becky.  Is she going to stick around a while?
A: Yes.  Quite.

Q: Are we finally going to learn more about the Akari and the Akarin and whatever else Rifun has been teasing since Time to Kill?
A: Oh, yes.  Yes.  Stopwatch finally opens that floodgate for a ton of new people to come through and for more plot points to tie in, make sense, and take off from there.  It's very exciting.

Q: Is Sifura making a comeback, then?
A: Mm...yes and no.  Not as a main character, and not even as much of a secondary character.  But she will be around in the shadows, lurking.

Q: So...everything is back to normal at the end?  As if the last four books never happened?  What the hell?
A: No, not quite.  The last four books certainly happened, and there are going to be some repercussions that will be felt for at least the next five books.  The time for political maneuvering is past, and now comes the war.

Q: I have some security suggestions for the Hands...
A: Good for you.  Now move along.



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  3. Into the Nothing - Breaking Benjamin
  4. My Own Hell - Five Finger Death Punch
  5. Enemies - Shinedown
  6. Come and Get It - I Prevail
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