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Holy shnikies, it's been a while since I've posted.  It kind of makes me feel bad because I've read that good authors should stay engaged with their audience and provide regular, relevant, thoughtful mediums, be it blog posts, videos, newsletters, and so on.  The pitfalls of being an introvert, I suppose.  Now all I need is a tragic life story worthy of a country song, a strange fetish or collection, and an addiction to either drugs or alcohol and I'll be an instant classic author with my books in every school across the country for the next century.  Bwa ha ha ha!

So this post isn't so much from beyond the grave, but I'm wandering around the graveyard somewhere, I'm sure.

Windup is set to come out next month.  Yay!  Files be in the system, just gotta wait for the guys in the office.  Now, normally I try to come up with something creative or interesting to go along with the release.  For Tick Tock, it was a nice neat list of interesting things about deserts and jungles, per the relevant landscape.  Windup, however, is about the elections in the Time industry, and it is being released less than a week before midterms and, in Michigan, the Governor's race.

Now, I could be desperate and post some politically-charged message here, comparing this or that character to this or that politician.  It would generate views, but I don't think the actual "like" would be very high.  Therefore, I will refrain.  You all get the message.  You all have your own opinions.  I don't want to hear yours and you don't want to hear mine.  Peace, love, and cupcakes.  And books.  Lots of books.

Instead, I will turn your attention to some of the cool things that will be released with Windup.  This includes deleted scenes, extra scenes from more than one forthcoming novel (though its release date is yet unknown), and a variety of neat printable and digital goodies.  One little goodie is already available as a desktop background (for us ancient people who still use computers).  More will become available on or around the actual release date of November 2.

That's about it for now.  It's not that I don't love you, my dear audience, it's just that I love my peace, quiet, and snuggable cats more.  And my husband.  I love my husband.

-Brooke Shaffer

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