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Books! Research! Surgeries! Merch! Excitement?

The next few months are going to be ridiculously crazy. Well, they will be for me. For all I know, you're going to spend the next few months sitting on the couch watching Netflix and eating bag after bag of potato chips. So, here's just a little bit of what's up:

  1. Stopwatch is in its final stages of production (finally!). That means that it's all about making sure everything looks good as far as digitally with the ebook, the print cover, all of that, as well as marking everything up with a green pen, looking for all the little nitpicks in the text (and I know some of you are probably ready with your own green pens once you buy your copy).
  2. Of Saints and Sinners (the new, hopefully final, title of Mirror Man) is also in production right now, but the more bulky, obvious stuff versus the nuances. Exciting stuff going on.
  3. A myriad of other details and research and notes for other expansion series (hint, hint). This is probably the most dubious because I think of everything I need to look up while I'm at home. I don't have Internet at home. By the time I get to the Internet, I can't remember what I needed to look up, nor can I remember where I put my list of things I needed to look up.
  4. It's also Easter time which means it's time for The Promise. At least Easter is a little later this year.
  5. And then there's that whole bit about surgery and a short hospital stay at the end of this month (no worries, nothing big, nothing awful, just something that needs to get done, don't email me about it).

This is all on top of normal life where I do have other hobbies outside of writing and other things I am trying to pursue. If there is any silver lining, it's that ski season is just about over, so I'm not trying to squeeze everything in around a day job. At least for a month or so, until Memorial Day when summer job season kicks off. Yay.

Actually, the whole reason I started this post was just to inform you people about Mirror Man being changed to Of Saints and Sinners. I think this fits the theme of the story a little more appropriately. This is a single novel which can be read at any time in the Chivalrous Welshman series. It stands alone just fine, but when read together, it provides a more in-depth look at Walter's life and the hows and whys he got where he did.

Let's see...books (*check*), research (*check*), surgery (*check*)...yep, I think that's everything. Depending on how things go over the next, say, six months, I could be posting a lot and giving you guys a ton of updates and more to do and read...or this place could be quieter than a graveyard with only the bare minimum updates.

Oh, but that does remind me: For all of you who run around on the Timekeeper website, yes, I know, I am terrible about keeping it updated and exciting. I do have plans for it. In my defense, however, Cassius and Rifun are kind of in control of things right now, and it's all up in the air. No one knows exactly what's going on. In my defense.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

-Brooke Shaffer

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