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Problems and Solutions (Answers Anyway)

So, I've been getting reports that some Amazon pre-orders are self-canceling.  I looked into it and now I have an answer.  Amazon is dumb and apparently doesn't make a distinction between pre-order and out of stock (talking about the print book only, as far as I know, all digital pre-orders are still on track).

Amazon has a neat feature where if an item remains out of stock for thirty or more days, any orders are automatically canceled so you aren't kept waiting forever and a day.

So that's what happened.  It mistook pre-order for out of stock, so as thirty days goes by with no "stock" it cancels your pre-order.  So, here's what you can do:

1. Ensure that the order was canceled and you got a full refund

2a. Re-pre-order the book from Amazon

2b. Re-pre-order the book from Barnes & Noble

2c. Wait until the book comes out fully on September 1, then order from Amazon or your favorite bookstore

2d. Wait until the book comes out fully on September 1, then get it personally from me (assuming I know you and have a way to contact you)

Sorry for the confusion and the blind-sided sudden cancellations.

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