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10 Fun Facts About: The Appalachians

Because they really are important to Tommen, and the story at large.  So here are ten fun facts about the Appalachian Mountains.

  1. The mountains are named for the Apalachees, a Native American tribe in the region
  2. Mount Mitchell in North Carolina is the highest peak, at 6,684 ft
  3. It is also the highest peak east of the Mississippi
  4. Elisha Mitchell was the first to successfully climb the mountain in 1835, hence Mount Mitchell
  5. The Appalachians are over 1,600 miles long, spanning 14 states and provinces
  6. Mount Washington in New Hampshire is known to have hurricane force winds over 100 days out of the year
  7. The Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long
  8. There are 8 national parks and 6 national forests dotting the mountains in various states
  9. The Appalachians contain significant deposits of coal, iron, salt, copper, petroleum, and natural gas
  10. Red spruce is the most prominent tree in the northern region

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