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10 Fun Facts About: Charleston, West Virginia

  1. The first capitol building was built in 1885, but burned down in 1921.  It was rebuilt, but burned down again in 1927.
  2. During the first fire, ammunition on the first floor was set off, causing people to flee in terror.  Two men also stole a fire truck, but were later apprehended by the police.
  3. The current capitol building is the tallest in the state at 292 ft with 3 stories.
  4. Charleston is home to the first brick-laid street in the world, laid in 1870.  It is known as Summers Street.
  5. Charleston is simultaneously the most populous city in the state while being the least populous state capitol.
  6. The city spans both sides of the Kanawha River.  This comes from an Iroqouis word meaning "water way" or "canoe way."
  7. During the Civil War, Charleston was divided between the Confederates and the Union.  On September 13, 1862, Confederates seized the city, but the Union returned six weeks later and held it until the end of the war.
  8. The city spans both sides of the Kanawha River.  Kanawha comes from an Iroquois word for "water way" or "canoe way."
  9. Original Native American tribes in the area include the Cherokee, Iroquois, Monacan, Nottaway, and Shawnee.  There are no federal reservations in the state today.
  10. Charleston's sister city is Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

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