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Under the Razor Wire

You ever have one of those days when you wake up and suddenly realize you have four deadlines all converging at the same time?

Yeah, I had one of those mornings recently.

You know what happens when you decide to run a $200 laptop as a $2,000 super gaming rig?

Nothing good.

So my little laptop got an engine knock the other day.  Thank God I had literally backed up everything not five minutes before.  I was able to revive it (don't know how, but it still works), but things are a little squirrelly.  My little laptop now has gremlins.

Who cares, you ask?

Well, the only thing I can't back up are the Audiobooks and the Videos because they are enormous files, and I just use a little zip drive.  Videos are whatever.  They're easy to redo if I have to.  Audiobooks take a little more time and dedication.

I was three chapters from being done with Tick Tock when the engine knock started.

I got my stuff in gear and finished the recording just as fast as I could and got it uploaded.

So Tick Tock is safe.

Next thing to note.  My recording set is also taking a crap.  I didn't expect it to last as long as it did, honestly, but it decided to poop out at the worst possible time.

I have a shiny new mic on order, which I admit I do need.  I just don't know if it was my actual set that went bad, or if I blew up something in my laptop because I rag on it so hard with my gaming.

All this to say...

In the Hands of the Enemy as a novel and ebook is perfectly safe.  It is backed up, locked up, and just about ready to go.  Barring catastrophe, it will release on December 4 as planned.

As an audiobook, I don't know.  If my laptop holds out and my mic comes in on time, it's a go.  Otherwise, it might be a little late in coming.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so if you're planning on a Ithote audiobook for Christmas, stay tuned but don't be surprised if it doesn't go as planned.  Sorry.  I don't like gremlins, but I don't want to hide it either.

It's just been one of those days... one of those months... 2020.

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