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State of the Production Address

Because let's face it, you'd rather listen to me (or most anyone else) than any politician right now.

Let's start with the audiobooks.

Free Time is now an audiobook, will be on sale starting March 1.  Yay!  Accordingly, all of the 10 Facts have been caught up.  Sorry, I didn't realize I had forgotten the 10 Facts About Stopwatch.  This has been rectified.

Wolf Pack will be the last audiobook I record for the season.  My reasoning goes like this: In order for me to record a good audiobook (maintain environment and especially maintain accents and cadence) I have to do at least two chapters a day.  I prefer three a day, but my voice doesn't allow for this.  This is because each chapter takes about two hours to record, and the post-production time isn't enough to rest my voice.  That being said, it's easy to sit around in the winter, staying warm and dry when it's -10 and snowing and there's nothing to do.

Well, spring is coming and I have stuff to do.  I have a garden that needs tending, horses that need training, fences that need fixing, cows that need milking, and everything else that comes on a farm.  Six hours a day is a lot of time.

And (perhaps a major reason) as the weather warms and the snow melts, the chickens leave the barn.  The rooster's favorite place to sit and crow is right outside the window.  Even if he isn't right outside the window, my mic has picked him up when he's thirty feet from the house.  I can't spend my days chasing roosters just so I can hope to record for five minutes before he crows again.

I said that Wolf Pack would be released as an audiobook alongside the hardcover and ebook, and this I will strive to make good on, even if I go mute for a month afterwards.  However, Leap Second will not get the same treatment in July.  However, as The Hands Pulling the Strings is slated for December, well after the weather turns back to winter, there should be no issue in getting them recorded.

Next item, Borelian.

I didn't get a lot done for it this month.  No grammar, only a minor vocabulary addition and an updated dictionary.  I'm sorry, it kind of got put on the back burner compared to everything else.

However, if you want to push me along a little, by all means, send me the words you want to see (English or French) and I'll see what I can dig up for their Borelian equivalents or approximates.

Item the third, Wolf Pack and the big announcement.

I was going to make a big announcement this month related to Wolf Pack and a very special extra that I have planned.  However, with everything going on, I didn't feel that it was going to work out quite as expected.  Instead, I am going to postpone the announcement until the actual release.  Keep an eye on BitChute for the announcement and subsequent installments on that front.

Numero quatro, a comment on social media.  Specifically, "Will you like/friend/follow/etc. me?"

If you are family or a friend in real life, or someone I knew on FakeBook (or if you were part of the Circle and remember Natter), by all means, send me a message, hit me up.  But please don't ask me to follow you just because I liked a picture of your cat (I'm more interested in your cat than you), or because you liked something that I posted.  If you like something of mine with the expectation that I'm going to immediately follow you, please, save your breath.

I rarely follow anyone on BitChute.

As for Minds and Gab, I go on to skim headlines, browse memes, and hang out in groups with those of similar interests.  If we start chatting and I know you and we talk semi-regularly and I find you interesting, then I might follow you.

I do not expect to return to Parler.  That's more for practicality and logistics than anything.  It was not very user friendly, and I question their motivations.

I'm sorry.  I'm not especially social.  I have a hard time keeping friends, so I avoid trying to make them.  I greatly appreciate everyone who follows me, and I'm really hoping to have some interesting goodies for you in the coming months.  But for those who are out there begging for "follow back" and whatnot, you will be disappointed.  Fact of life.

And I think that's it.  The February State of the Production Address.  It's funny, I'm not working and yet I feel busier than ever.

And if you're sitting there thinking "She's got so much on her plate, everything is going to suffer," please, don't worry.  In all actuality, I have a lot done.  Leap Second is finished.  The Hands Pulling the Strings is almost finished.  Wolf Pack just needs to be recorded, and its big announcement is going to be an ongoing project.  Borelian is an ongoing project.  Audiobook production is going to be suspended for the summer, which relieves a lot of the pressure on me.  Otherwise, most of it is all in my head.

That is all.

I think.

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