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Pre-Orders and Announcements

Good news, all, pre-orders for Stopwatch are now available!  Yay!  You can order them from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

And for those of you who have been paying some semblance of attention, you may have guessed that there may be more awesome things coming down the pipe.  More than just books or Internet goodies.  I'm talking about, you guessed it, merch!

Merchandise is fun.  It's fun to design, fun to buy and sell, fun to wear or do other things with it.  Starting June 7, you will have the opportunity to buy Timekeeper merch!  There is going to be an assortment of posters, T-shirts, a few novelty items, and at least one thing that might make you go, "Seriously?"  Merch will be available through this website, and I'm considering putting it on the Timekeeper website as well.  All products are made in the USA, some of them right here in Michigan.  Show your loyalty, support a local artist and homemade goods.

That is all.

-Brooke Shaffer

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