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New Addition to the Family!

The family of publishing and book formats, that is.

If you were paying attention to the Facebook page, then you may have seen the poll asking for your opinion on sound effects in audiobooks.  In a stunning landslide, 5:2, you voted for sound effects.  To be fair, seven is hardly a fair sample number.

So, this is how things are going to go down.

Of Saints and Sinners is the first release in audiobook format.  It is set to be released December 1, just in time for Christmas (yay!).  For the moment, it will be digital download only, but that's not the point.

OSaS will not have sound effects.  Because of the nature of the story as a reflective narrative, rather than a present storytelling, sound effects would be random, clunky, awkward, and more distracting than enhancing.  Therefore, no sound effects.

However, if this goes over well and I deem it worth my time and money, I would very much like to go back through The Chivalrous Welshman and get all of those recorded, too, bringing those up to speed and maybe (unlikely) getting an audiobook out with the release of Free Time next summer.  But audiobooks take a considerable investment, and where OSaS is fairly consistent in tone and action, TCW can be highly variable.  Plus there is extra time and cost associated with all the necessary accents.

That being said, only OSaS will be available for you this Christmas.

Now then, what about those darn sound effects?  Some people like them, some people don't, and the time and effort spent in finding the correct effects and synchronizing them with the story is all a bit laborious.  To that end, knowing that sans effects is basically the standard, or so I understand, there will be, without a doubt, an audiobook without effects.  I am debating whether I want to make a plus effects version available separately, or perhaps an effects track that can be added later.

It's all in the research and development phase at this point.  Just know that the audiobook without the effects will be the one you will find on the mass market, whether you go to Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks from.  Any sound effects, whether a full book or an additional track, will most likely be website exclusive.

Anyway, Of Saints and Sinners in audiobook form is projected out on December 2 this year, just in time for Christmas!

-Brooke Shaffer

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