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Christmas Contest

Looking for a simple, easy, free gift for yourself this season?  Need something to listen to while you're driving, flying, or otherwise stuck in with a group of people you don't want to be with?  Well, one simple entry is all you'll need to get started.

The Backstory

So, if you've been to the Timekeeper Chronicles website, you know about the Time Agent Database.  Well, quite frankly, I'm a lazy person, and it's a lot of work to fill that stuff in.  Furthermore, if I do it all, then the people start sounding the same, and the stories tend to be more and more fantastical (and unbelievable).

So, with the release of Of Saints and Sinners in audiobook form, the distributor is kind enough to give me some giveaway codes which I will now pass along to you!  But it's not going to be easy.

The Basic Contest

I need names for the database!  You get to tell me the stories behind them!

Basic Rules

  1. You can make up as much or as little as you want, but you must include:
    1. Name
    2. Registration Date (when they became a Time Agent)
    3. Title and Rank
    4. Home Location (refer to the Interactive Map)
    5. Entries lacking one or more of these fields will not qualify
  2. If you want, you can include a little backstory of how they got to become a Time Agent

Example Entry Form

Dearbhfhine, MacEoghan

Registered Name: Dearbhfhine, MacEoghan
Registration Date (adjusted for local time): 1940
Title: Timekeeper
Rank: Lieutenant

Probationary Master:
Length of Training:

Apprentice Master:
Length of Training:

Journeyman Master:
Length of Training:

Master Trainer:
Length of Training:

Lieutenant Trainer:
Length of Training:

Other Training: None
Status: Active, in Good Standing
Registered Home Location:
Current Location: 4-4
Time in Location: 11 Years
Current Occupation: Self-Employed

Email me or use the Contact form to submit.  You can also send a message to the Facebook Author page.  Please do not post or comment your entry.

The More Official Rules

  1. Characters must be original creations.  Any characters found to be duplicates or plagiarized will be disqualified and reported as necessary.  Contest participants do not assume ownership of the creations, though contest credit will be given.  All rights of ownership remain with the Author/Publisher.
  2. Author/Publisher reserves the right to modify and use the creations in any way they see fit.  Creations may be used in any capacity in Timekeeper Chronicles novels, short stories, or other expressions.
  3. Participants are not limited in the number of entries they may submit.
  4. Participants will only be awarded one giveaway code, regardless of the number of entries.
  5. Ten giveaway codes are up for grabs.
  6. Contest ends at 11:59:59pm on December 21, 2019.  Entries received after this time will not be considered.
  7. The Author/Publisher is responsible for notifying the winners and distributing prizes in a timely manner.
  8. All decisions are final.

Winners will be notified in the manner that they entered (email or Facebook) on December 24, 2019.


Email me, use the contact form, post on Facebook.

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