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An Update and a Lack of Updates

A few things to say and do, so I'll just run through them.

First, I finally managed to dump Windows and migrate over to Linux.  Most of my programs are available in Linux, so there is no problem with any of the writing portion, and everything involving print editions is perfectly in tact.

That does not exactly include other formats.

Ebooks are safe.  The program I normally use, for whatever reason, is not working on Linux despite being widely available.  Even so, I've been searching for a different program/method because it was super tedious and I always ended up having to make revisions on the dumbest things that it didn't like.

Audiobooks...well, I was chugging along nicely in the Audiobook department for In the Hands of the Enemy, but then my migration from Windows to Linux kind of got forced and, when I had to pick the files I wanted to save in the time I had, I couldn't save it all.  Lost all of the incomplete Audiobooks (good news is, the ABs that are already available will remain available and I can get them back).  This sets me back just a tiny bit.  Also to note, finally going back to work to patrol people's skis, which cuts down on the time I have to record.  I apologize, but please be patient.

The Borelian dictionary is also safe.  The program I was using is not available on Linux, and it won't run in Lutris/PlayOnLinux/Wine/etc.  However, there is a related program that is made by the same company that is smaller, simpler, and more lightweight.  Migrating the dictionary over from a slick, state of the art program, to a lighter, simpler, older program means it's not so easy to use, but that will not affect dictionary users.  In fact, the export features of the new program are super nice and will make for a nicer, cleaner dictionary.  It can even export as an online, searchable, categorized dictionary, which I think is really cool.  Also adding more example sentences and a French translation as well.

Let's see, what else do I have in my notes?

Ah ha!  I enjoy releasing Short Stories and Deleted Scenes.  Not everything works, not everything makes it into the final product, but that doesn't mean it isn't important or interesting.

In the Hands of the Enemy covers a fairly long expanse of time with some very significant events (World War II, anyone?).  I have decided that, rather than release a few pages of negligible deleted scenes or minor short stories, I would instead expand on a few of the short stories and maybe do a small accompanying anthology.

I was going to write something about upcoming Wolf Pack, but I decided that it was too soon after Ithote's release that it might detract.  I'll hold off on that until after New Year's.

So that is what's going on.

This will probably be my last post for the year.  Not a lot going on when work gets involved, and then Christmas and all.  It's already been a crazy month.  Besides, you should be spending time with your family, not your computer.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.


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