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10 Facts About Stopwatch

In honor of Stopwatch being released as an audiobook, here are some interesting facts about the book, audiobook, and story itself.

  • Jenna is based off of someone I went to high school with, who was more acquaintance than friend.  She was as much of a bitch in real life as in the book.
  • The original scene where Jenna and Kyle are taken to the Coliseum was actually meant to showcase mass executions, and they would save themselves at the last minute by giving Walter's and Micaiah's names.  The executions were instead moved to the Pit, where Micaiah's Time Trial would be the test run for future executions, and logistics management was moved to the Coliseum.
  • Chandler was originally supposed to be introduced in Windup, but the character arc got to be too long, and it was a little strange having him in so early.  Instead, I used the rabbit as a sort of starting thread, which turned into something much greater that evolves over the rest of the series.
  • I maimed Micaiah because to not do so would make him too much of a god-character, a Gary Stu if you will, and he needed better personality.
  • Micaiah was not originally married.  The intent behind the first bar / hotel scene was meant to be information-only, intel exchanged in a secret meeting, and casual sex between mere coworkers before going their separate ways, attempting to keep the Akarin in the dark a little longer.  Bringing Kayla in as his wife was a more last-minute change that helped to bring life and character to both Micaiah and the Akarin at large.
  • Script one saw Cassius luring the main heroes back to the safety of the Akarin fortress where he attacks them.  Given some of the things revealed about the fortress later on, this proved to be impractical, so his reveal was moved back to the Wheel.
  • Script two saw Micaiah figuring out Cassius' treachery while in battle and stabbing him in the back, with no duel.  Unfortunately, the scene and the exchange was clunky, awkward, and out of place, and it was replaced by the final product.
  • An earlier iteration had the twins Disguised as each other and then again as themselves, this revealed during the fight with the Bat.  Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a way to justify this, and it got scaled back to simply being Disguised as each other.
  • Stopwatch was written to be an exit ramp of sorts.  If I got bored with the series, then everything could be wrapped up with a bow and finished, and I had multiple ways that I could have done this for the various points I wanted to make.  When I decided to keep going, this points were extended into the various future books.
  • Rifun's original backstory put him as one of the coastal peoples of Madagascar, and the Amphitheater originally had a much different look, that being more coastal.  When his story began to come into focus (see: In the Hands of the Enemy), it was more practical and logical to redecorate and have it more mountainous.

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