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10 Facts About Time to Kill

So I am very happy to announce that Time to Kill will be released as an audiobook the same time that Free Time is coming out in print/ebook!  It is sorely overdue, and I apologize for the three year delay.  I am going to try and get Tick Tock and Windup caught up to be released with In th…

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Book Review: Sorrow Ledge (Spoiler Free!)

So early last year around Easter, I had the honor of alpha reading a novel called Sorrow Ledge by Kenneth Arbogast.  Recently, he let me know that said novel had been published, which is awesome.  He sent me a copy and asked for a review, which is what I am presently doing.  I included that bit jus…

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Villains and Antagonists: Ideological Villain and Unknown Villain

Hello and welcome to the final installment of the Villains and Antagonists series. Today we'll be talking about the Ideological Villain and the Unknown Villain, and I'll have some final thoughts about the series and stuff. And for anyone who is concerned, I can report that there are no Dark Souls vi…

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