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Character Development: Super Powers and Super Gizmos

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the series on Character Development. Today we’re going to talk about super powers and super gizmos.

First we should define what we’re talking about, though you can probably already guess. For the purposes of our discussion, a super power is any naturally-occur…

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Character Development: Origins, Beginnings, Arcs, and Endings

Welcome back to the series on Character Development and Evolution. Today we’re going to talk about character Origins, Beginnings, Arcs, and Endings.

First we’re going to address the difference between the Origin and the Beginning. Chances are good that we’re not going to meet a character at bi…

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Character Development: Development and Evolution

Welcome one and all to today's topic of Character Development! I went back and forth on this, whether I wanted to make it a series or a one-off. Originally I thought series, then I went one-off, and then it got really long, so I decided to make it a series again.

If you followed the Villains seri…

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100 Free Words

The Chivalrous Welshman

5|Free Time

Saul looked up. “Oh, you wanted to start now?”
“Why not?”
“Because I'm going to kick your ass long before the campers do.”
“Yeah? Try me. I'm no rookie.”
Saul stood then. Even with his bad back, he seemed to grow a foot as he approached. …

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Plot Holes

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a video on Plot Holes.

Plot holes are generally considered the bane of any storyteller’s existence, and if you read or watch any advice on plotting a story, you would think that plot holes are simply lurking about in the shadows, ready to jump out and e…

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World Building: Conlanging

Hello and welcome to the bonus World Building installment on Conlanging! Huzzah! What is a conlang, you ask? It’s simply a mashup of Constructed Language. That’s it. It’s a made up language. You can probably already think of a few right off the top of your head. Klingon, Na’vi, Dothraki, Esperanto.…

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World Building: Language and Communication

Welcome back to the series on World Building. Today we’re going to cover Language and Communication. I went back and forth a few times over whether I wanted to include the Conlanging piece. Eventually I decided to keep them separate. So if you’re really not interested in learning about conlangs, thi…

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World Building: Magic and Sorcery

Welcome back to the series on World Building. Today we’re going to cover magic and sorcery. While not appropriate to every story, I still wanted to include it for completeness. And even if you don't have wizards and spells, it may apply elsewhere. I would place Time in this realm, for example.

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World Building: Science and Technology

Welcome back to the series on World Building. Today we’re going to talk about the Science and Technology of your people.

When you hear “science and technology,” it’s tempting to think of computers, space ships, and other elements of the modern day. But science is simply studying and learning ab…

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Fun Stuff and the Big Announcement

For a while I've been promising a big announcement in relation to Wolf Pack, but I didn't want to reveal it until the book had actually come out.

And the big announcement?

Wolf Pack is getting a video game!  Yay!...?

All information can be found on BitChute.  But here is a rundown of the …

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