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Villains and Antagonists: Villains and Antagonists

In this installment of the Villains and Antagonists series, we're going to look at some villains and antagonists who decide to swap roles.

First we're going to take the step up, when an antagonist becomes a villain. This could be for a variety of reasons and is not an exclusive motif by any means…

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Villains and Antagonists: The Hero

Welcome back to the Villains and Antagonists series. Today we're going to talk about Heroes as Villains. I got super pumped about writing this installment, and I think it's because I love to see heroes as villains. I don't mean antiheroes, either, but real villains, even if it's just for a moment.

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Villains and Antagonists: Sociopaths and Psychopaths, Non-Entity Antagonists

Welcome to the next installment of the Villains and Antagonists series. Today we're going to be talking about sociopaths or psychopaths, and the non-entity antagonist.

Some psychology nerd out there is probably already penning a lengthy nastygram to send to me and let me know that there is a diff…

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Villains and Antagonists: Pure Evil and Tragic Villains

Welcome back to the series on villains. We're going through the list of villain motifs. These are ones that I have observed, and I would like to take the time to explore them, define them, and give examples of the craft. This episode is on Pure Evil villains, as well as Tragic villains. I'm doing th…

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Villains and Antagonists: Defining a Villain

In this series, we're going to be discussing villains and antagonists (as the title says). I wasn't going to do this, I wasn't planning it. I was going to wait a bit and start on 10 Fun Facts as they pertained to upcoming Free Time, maybe do a few about Time to Kill since audiobook production is a…

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Shaking Things Up

A new year, a new way of doing things.  As an expansion of my advertising and marketing, I am turning my blog posts into videos.  Nothing will change here, but if you head over to BitChute, you can find silly animations and such to go with them.  I'm not doing any back-animation, just the ones going…

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Writing Historical Fiction: Mistakes (Redo)

There is little worse in the world for an author than to spend months or years laboring over a work of art, going line-by-line, removing every fleck of metaphorical dust, giving everything the white glove inspection, only for some douchebag on some no-account forum somewhere to point out a mistake i…

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Writing Historical Fiction: What (Redo)

Again I apologize for my terrible, distracted writing from before, so here is the redo for WHF: What.  Seeing how it is New Year's Eve, I decided that this would be an excellent launching point for the (new) piece.

The "what" of your historical fiction piece refers to what your character or cha…

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Writing Historical Fiction: Mistakes

Now we get to the part of the WHF series no one likes to admit: mistakes.  No matter how thorough you research, no matter how many times you go back and assure yourself that all the dates, all the names, all the details are right, sometimes you get the final product and discover a glaring error.  Yo…

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More New Things

Minor announcement that there is a new blog on the Timekeeper website.

The difference between the author blog and the TC blog is that the TC is for fun stuff.  For example, the first series going up is going to be on the Borelian language starting most likely after the new year.  Fun stuff, and n…

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