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"Brooke Shaffer lives with her husband and too many cats in Michigan."

That's the nice little blurb that gets posted on the back of the book.  Here are some other things about me:

Favorite Food: Chicken fettuccine alfredo or some variation thereof.  Pizza is also pretty good.  And sausage, egg, and cheese bagels.  How did this question get here?  It's too hard to choose.

Favorite Author: Too many to pick from.  Frank Peretti, Robin Hobb, Brent Weeks...

Favorite Book/Series: Who's writing these questions?  Seriously.  There's The Dresden FilesA Song of Ice and Fire, The Books of History Chronicles, The Night Angel Trilogy...

Favorite Movie: The Prince of Egypt.  Hands-down, no competition here.  No, wait, Mulan is a darn close second.

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: TNG or Star Trek: Voyager

Favorite Video Game: Bloodborne is my current obsession, longevity goes to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Favorite Superhero: Raven, Deadpool, and Wolverine

Favorite Band: Demon Hunter.  Again, hands-down, no competition here.

Dual-Citizenship With: Earth, Middle-Earth, Other Earth, Narnia, Westeros, Essos, The Seven Satrapies, The Six Duchies, Cenaria, StarClan

Starships Served On: U.S.S. Enterprise A, D, and E; U.S.S. Voyager; TARDIS 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, and War Doctor

I have also been to Nicaragua on a mission trip, which was amazing.  I once went snowboarding in Colorado and broke my neck (didn't realize it until a month later when I went in for something else and the doctor pointed out the fracture; had I been going much faster, I could have been paralyzed or died).  I also speak (read) seventeen languages to varying degrees of fluency, from pretty dang good (C1) to "Hey, are you dead?  How do you feel?" (A1)  My reading is always better than my speaking.  I suck at speaking, even in English.

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